About Me

The first phase begins.

Art has been a part of me from as early as I can remember.  I was fortunate to be taught how to sew when I was about nine years old. A few years later an 8th grade teacher saw my joy in sewing and encouraged me to enter sewing competitions with “Future Homemakers of America.” 

Learning quickly that art and fashions were fickle career choices; I fell back on my math education and decided on a career in Engineering.  So devoted to this decision, I cleaned out my sewing room and stored my sewing machine with my mother.  Only two months at college and I was sending for my sewing machine. 

After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, I was completely consumed by my career in the US Navy. 

Around age 27 or 2002, two wonderful events occurred in my life. 

First was a two day event called the “Ladies and Arts of the 19th Century.” The weekend was full of historical treasures, one being a short lesson on hand quilting and a talk about quilting bees.  I was hooked, people actually getting together to share what they love. 

The second was a move to California.  Under the impression that California was a place of all things artistic, I voted to concentrate on the lost part of me.  Within weeks of arrival, I was a member of the local quilting guild, signed up for classes in fashion construction, water color and needlepoint. 

Those two events started a new way of life for me.

Conni with "Amy's Challenge", her first 3D story quilt.

I entered my first quilt competition in 2003, winning 2nd place and honorable mention.  Three years later and in a new city, I discovered quilt challenges – competition where there is a limited set of rules and a vast amount of freedom to create. 

In 2006 my first 3-dimensional quilt “Amy’s Challenge” placed third and won President’s Award. 

My destiny had been defined. Each year I challenge myself with new materials and techniques.  I have been able to combine the two halves that make me whole, my engineering skills with fashion construction and color theory. 

Each quilt is a voyage.  It is always wonderful to see a concept flourish into a tangible piece of art for others to enjoy.

Entering into a new phase of life.

Each moment I found to create during 21 years of Naval Service brought me great joy. Now, that I am retired, I look forward with an open heart and a busy mind to create full time.

What better way to empress the next phase of my life than to be with other artists.  I have taken the great opportunity to show my style of fiber art with the pubic as a studio artist with the SPARC intuitive at OnePast7 Studios on 100 N Main ST, Suffolk, VA. 

My story started with  creating in stolen moments of free time during a challenging career of naval service and ends with a second career of creating full time.

Here’s to dreams come true.

Conni in Afghanistan on her mini sewing machine making "Postcards from Jack"