Flock Quest

With the orange fabric reminding me of a tail feathers, I was soon creating a family of birds, who have nothing in common, but their blood line and their orange tail feathers. Translating my experiences of family reunions, the quilt came together around the Orin Family. The quilt is read left to right, first each family member from around the world is invited to bring a block for a family quilt. Not being a big Asian fabric fan, I thought let the birds have the fun and their family quilt was born. Side note: during the creative process the birds took on lives of their own, each being named and having a story to tell.

Techniques: Original design, stuffed, appliquéd, embroidered

Original Competition: Quiltfest Jacksonville challenge with the theme of “Birds of a Feather Quilt Together”

Challenge Rules: Size limited to 110in overall dimensions; use one bird block, part of the quilt must extend from the quilt. 

Awards: 2nd Place 

33in x 16in 

(33in x 22in counting hang over quilt)

made in 2010

$325 – Available