Nature’s Stage

Have you ever wondered what you would see if you could looked into the forest. I my world they would be quilting.  This quilt captures a pair of hands excitedly opening the curtain of trees to reveal heaven’s spot light by which the wood nymphs create their quilting and embroidery works of art. The hands are a patchwork of leather in multiple shades from the palest shade of white to a deep rich dark brown symbolizing the collective spirit of all women. The patches are held together with green vines which incorporate the essence of another outstanding woman, Mother Nature. The quilt the nymphs have made shows a baby tree reaching up to her mother who is reaching down in return.

Techniques: raw edge appliqué, satin stitch appliqué, doll making and foundation piecing.

Original Competition: National Quilt Association Sew Batik challenge with the theme “Through the Trees”.

Awards: 41st Annual NQA Challenge:  Best Embellishments

3rd place Small Art Quilt at Quiltfest Jacksonville, FL

20 in x 20 in

made in 2010

$195 Available