Sunrise, Sunset

The concept with when one day ends another begins.  It is a story of East and West cultures.  There is a crane with a coi fish for the Eastern culture and eagle and Salmon for the western culture.  I mixed a little southwest indian in too.  I meant no derespect.  I wanted to respect more than one Native American tribe.  Quilting was done free motion. The greatest part is the the sun dial rotates.  So you can have which ever day you want on top or bottom.  

Mounted to a frame to support the rotation. 

Techniques: Foundation piecing, manual rotation by use of doll joint

Original Competition: Barn Challenge, Pullayup State Fair, Washington

Challenge Rules: must use the 12in square of purple sunset fabric which was provided, no other limitations.

Awards: 3rd Place

21in x 21in


made in 2010/18