Watermelon Baby

Photo Inspired

When I saw the contest theme “Flavor of the Month,” I thought of a family having a picnic in the park on a bright sunny day with a sky of the purest blue and a blanket of green beneath their feet.  A cool summer breeze aids the butterflies in their flight as the bugs crawl around looking for nourishment.  Everyone in the family enjoys the favorite summer food, watermelon, even the littlest member.  The more he tries to munch the enormous melon, the more adorable the picture becomes.

The baby’s head and delectable little fingers are created from ultra suede and free motion thread painting.  The juicy watermelon is appliquéd dupioni silk embellished with black glass seed shaped beads.  The background mimics a picnic blanket with its randomly assembled one inch squares of cotton in shades of blue and green.  A 3-dimensional butterfly graces a hidden pinwheel quilt block in the sky as lady bug beads creep near the baby and the churn dash quilt block in patchwork green grass.  The finishing touch is the baby’s shoes of craft foam popping out from beneath the juicy watermelon.

Techniques: free-motion thread painting, appliqué, patchwork and beading

Awards: Month of August in Quilting Arts Calendar 2011

12in by 12in

made in 2010

$85 Available

Inspiration Picture