Price List

The basic quilt for $150 includes the following:

  • Art quilt less than 2ft x 3ft 
  • Red and White pieced background
  • Three (3)photos to be printed on cloth. Printed sizes up to 5 in x 7 in
  • Three (3) patches (provided by requester) to be sewn in place
  • Medals, as many as provided by requester,  pinned – if sewn in place see below. 
  • Up to five (5) embroidered words or full dates (example “1 Jun 1945” counts as one word).
  • Mounting on wooden frame for easy hanging
  • Shipping

Extra costs

  • $20 for each additional photo(s) : (1) 8in x 10in or (2) 5in x7in or (4) 3 inx 5in and smaller
  • $5 for each medal  sewn in place
  • $5 for each patch sewn in place above the 3 included in basic quilt 
  • $5 per word embroidered above the 5 included in basic quilt
  • $50 for background to be pieced from uniforms provided by requester (includes return shipping of used uniform items)
  • I can supply patches or medals for cost of all items plus $25 handling fee
A free quote provided upon request