Kitchen Kritters

Patty-cake, Patty-cake, Baker's Pan

11in x 6in x 9in

$48 – Available

Love & Affection

11in x 8.5in x 10in

$48 – Available 

Whip it Right Up

8in x 6.5in x 9in

$35 – Available 

He's All Spoons

5.5in x 7in x 8in

$35 – Available

Heated Argument

10in x 11in x 11in

$48 – Available

Me Jump High

4.5in x 4in x 10in

$25 – Available

Holy Camper

6in x 7in x 9in

$35 -Available

Sittin' Around the Fire

12.5in x 12.5in x 7.5in

$70 – Available

Big & Strong

7in x 9in x 12in

$26 – Available

I Scream

9in x 6in x 8.5in

$35 – Available

Loaves of Love

8in x 7in x 8.5in

$48 – Available

A Little Salt with my Tea

5in x 6in x 9in

$35 – Available


8in x 4in x 11in

$48 – Available

Let's Dive In

5in x 7in x 9in

$37.50 – Available

Custom Order

Speed Racer

5in x 6in x 7in

If you do not see a Kitchen

Kritter that fits you, 

email me your request  and

let me design a unique

Kitchen Kritter for you.  If I

can I will. 

Speed Racer took a few

weeks to design but the

customer was pleased with

the result.

Musical Series

Made especially for

A Schwab on Beale St.

Memphis, TN

Kritters playing

Harmonicas, the drums, 

guitars and even a


Made per request, please

email with your request.

Archive Kritters

All Kritters are made with found kitchen

wares, so no two are the same.  They might be


This is the gallery of those who have sold.  If

you like any, please email me and I can see if I have the

supplies to make another.